Brian Eno -Film Music 1976-2020 (2xLP Vinyl)

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Film Music 1976 - 2020 - The long-awaited album brings tracks from Brian Eno's most recognizable film & television work. His music has been used in hundreds of films and he's composed soundtracks for some of the best-known directors in the world including David Lynch, Danny Boyle and Peter Jackson. Compositions like Ship In A Bottle (The Lovely Bones), Prophecy Theme (Dune) & Deep Blue Day (Trainspotting) have contributed significantly to iconic scenes. With several previously unreleased tracks.

His full name actually is:

Brian Peter George Eno [birth name], Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, Eno


Wow. The danger with a release such as this is that there's a danger of it sounding like a bunch of disparate tracks, or simply a playlist. Fear not, that's not the case. This album is an absolute stunner, covering everything from lively beat tracks (sounds circa Nerve Net) to one track with vocals by Eno.

However, the very best is left 'til last - the absolutely incredible ‘An Ending (Ascent)’. I'm an old man, but this track almost moves me to tears. So much emotional impact in the four minutes that it seems to have a physical weight to it. Yes, buy this just for the one track!

By: Vaughan

A1 Top Boy (Theme) 2:31
A2 Ship In A Bottle 2:40
A3 Blood Red 3:04
A4 Under 5:19
A5 Decline And Fall 3:32
B1 Prophecy Theme 4:24
B2 Reasonable Question 2:44
B3 Late Evening In Jersey 4:38
B4 Beach Sequence 3:34
C1 You Don't Miss Your Water 3:46
C2 Deep Blue Day 3:57
C3 The Sombre 4:26
C4 Dover Beach 4:40
D1 Design As Reduction 4:18
D2 Undersea Steps 4:07
D3 Final Sunset 4:13
D4 An Ending (Ascent) 4:24

Artwork, Photography By – Nick Robertson (4)
Composed By – Adam Clayton (tracks: B4), Bono (tracks: B4), Brian Eno (tracks: A1 to A5, B1 to B4, C2 to C4, D1 to D4), Daniel Lanois (tracks: C2), Jon Hopkins (tracks: A2), Larry Mullen Jnr* (tracks: B4), Leo Abrahams (tracks: A2), Roger Eno (tracks: B1, C2), The Edge (tracks: B4), William Bell (tracks: C1)
Coordinator [Project co-ordination for UMC] – Joe Black
Lacquer Cut By – Miles*
Mastered By – Miles Showell
Producer – Brian Eno