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Migration is the sixth studio album by British DJ and record producer Simon Green, performing under the name Bonobo. It was originally released on 13 January 2017. Migration was primarily written and recorded while Green was still on tour for his previous album, The North Borders. After the completion of the tour, Green completed a move from New York City to the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The move, as well as the travelling for the tour and the deaths of some family members, led Green to contemplate on themes of identity, migration, and the environment. Because the tour for The North Borders consisted of approximately 175 shows across three continents for about eighteen months, the music for Migration was mainly created on a laptop as opposed to the studio environments of Green's previous albums. 

LP repressing on 2xLP 180-gram vinyl. 

I'm glad i gave this great album more than one chance. one of my good friends told me he thinks this is his favorite album of the year, and after a couple of false starts where i thought the first few songs were boring, something clicked. there aren't any strong hooks or obvious motifs, but it's not like this placid lake without rhythm either - there's a beat to keep your foot tapping. it's an inviting world, and an easy world to get lost in - downtempo/garage/trip-hoppy type of shit - if your mind is open to it.

By: Cal50.

A1 Migration
A2 Break Apart
A3 Outlier
B1 Grains
B2 Second Sun
B3 Bambro Koyo Ganda
C1 Surface
C2 Kerala
C3 No Reason
D1 Ontario
D2 Boston Common
D3 Figures

Catalogue Number: ZEN236

Record Label: Ninja Tune

Cover sticker says: Double LP, Featuring collaborations with Nick Murphy, Rhye & Hundred Waters. Plus Download Code.