Black Midi - Schlagenheim (Vinyl)

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Black Midi are an English rock band from London, formed in 2017. The band consists of Geordie Greep (vocals, guitar), Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin (vocals, guitar), Cameron Picton (vocals, bass, synths) and Morgan Simpson (drums). Their name is derived from the Japanese music genre Black MIDI. Their sound has been described as experimental rock, math rock, nosie rock and post-punk. The album was recorded in 2018 with producer Dan Carey, who became impressed by the band at an early live show. Instead of merely recreating their live show, they chose to augment their sound with piano, accordion, synthesisers, banjo, and drum machines. "The idea was to do stuff that's impossible to do live," frontman Greep explained. "If the album and the gig are just the same, it's a bit sad." The majority of the album was recorded in just five days.

LP repressing on 1xLP gatefold 180-gram vinyl. 

Hailed as some late-decade saviours of the noise rock scene, this impossibly tall reputation does not even come close to exceeding the band’s abilities in the slightest. They shovel ladle scoops of chaotic flavoured goodness into the dead of your centre which pushes the threshold juuuust far enough without ever falling to pieces, even if it spends the entire runtime sounding like it is about to explode at any second, teetering on the red just because it’s funny when you’re scared. There’s no harm in hypothesising that maybe... maybe... Black Midi could grow to be one of those rock groups who claim the next 10 years as their own? But even if they don’t, we’ll still have Schlagenheim.

By: WarmGunHappy

A1 953

A2 Speedway

A3 Reggae

A4 Near Dt.MI

A5 Western

B1 Of Schlagenheim

B2 Bmbmbmbm

B3 Years Ago

B4 Ducter

Catalogue Number: RT0073LP

Record Label: Rough Trade