Bert Jansch - Just A Simple Soul (Vinyl)

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Compiled by Suede’s Bernard Butler and the Bert Jansch estate, Just A Simple Soul is the first comprehensive ‘Best Of’ collection spanning Scottish-born Bert Jansch’s 5-decade-long music career.
Presented chronologically, this collection begins by drawing from Bert’s prolific 1960’s period, during which he released six albums between 1965 and 1969; the 1970’s records start off the collections 2nd disc (sides C & D), running all the way to Bert’s final studio album, The Black Swan, in 2006.



"It's so tough to name one's all-time favorite solo artist, but if you held a gun to my head, there's a good chance I'd say Bert Jansch. The degree to which he remains in obscurity is baffling. Few have managed to sculpt melodies as lilting, to so uniquely and beautifully dominate the guitar, to sing so honestly, to write lyrics as simple yet profound as Bert Jansch has. Unfortunately, his one weakness seems to be his inability to pull off a perfect album, but that's okay, because many of them are so damned close that it doesn't really matter. I listen to Bert Jansch when I want music that I believe, for there's no one I believe as deeply as I believe Bert. A perennial hero, a humble minstrel, a regular lad from Scotland. The best."

By: MoodyZeppelin12

A1 Strolling Down The Highway
A2 Angie
A3 Needle of Death
A4 It Don’t Bother Me
A5 Black Water Side
A6 Soho (with John Renbourn)
A7 The Time Has Come
B1 Go Your Way My Love
B2 Come Back Baby
B3 Poison
B4 The Bright New Year
B5 Rosemary Lane
B6 Reynardine
B7 The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
C1 Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning
C2 Chamberlain
C3 Baby Blue
C4 Daybreak
C5 Kittiwake
C6 Sweet Rose
C7 Let Me Sing
D1 Morning Brings Peace of Mind
D2 Carnival
D3 Just A Simple Soul
D4 Crimson Moon
D5 On The Edge Of A Dream
D6 High Days

BMG Cat 227LP

His 1965 iconic debut album through his back catalogue.