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7 is the seventh studio album by American dream pop band Beach House, released on May 11, 2018, through Sub Pop. The album saw the group departing from longtime producer Chris Coady and instead collaborating with Sonic Boom, whilst not having a producer "in the traditional sense". The recording of the album lasted over eleven months, as opposed to the speedy process of previous efforts, beginning in the duo's home studio in Baltimore and finishing at Carriage House and Palmetto Studio. 7 received acclaim from music critics, who praised the adventurous nature of the record and the consistency of the band, with some calling it the duo's best album to date.

LP repressing on 1xLP Gatefold 180-gram vinyl. 

Blown away by this one. After thoroughly enjoying Beach House’s discography up until this album, I had come to believe that Teen Dream would not be usurped as my favorite. However, 7 did that.

I feel as though this is Beach House’s sonic culmination as a band. It’s possibly their most adventurous outing, dipping much more into psychedelia and shoegaze at times. But the true victory of 7 is how it perfectly intertwines these sounds with the typical Beach House formula. One interesting thing to note is that this album’s sounds are perfectly encapsulated by the album art. Vibrant and intricate, but reeled back from a world with color (it’s hard to explain, but I tried my best).

When talking about the songs on a track to track level, there’s not a single bad song. Scratch that, not a single song that isn’t at least good and contributes to the track list. When talking about the highest points, the one-two punch of ‘Drunk in LA’ and ‘Dive’ cannot be ignored. The overwhelming force and nocturnal vibe of ‘Drunk in LA’ is legitimately intoxicating, as the name would suggest. That vocal climax though, good lord is it stunning.

By: A Carron.

A1 I Found The F
A2 Black Cat
A3 Tender Buttons
A4 America's Boy
A5 Tears In The Typing Pool
A6 Bit 35
A7 Subject To The Ladder
B1 Corporeal
B2 Arc Of A Journey
B3 Michael
B4 Grammer Minus
B5 Goodbye Girls
B6 You And Me In Time
B7 I Found The F

Catalogue Number: CAD2809

Record Label: Jagjaguwar / PIAS.