Alex Turner - Submarine OST / EP 10" (Vinyl)

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Submarine is the debut EP by Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. It was released on 18 March 2011 in the United Kingdom. The EP consists of six original songs by Alex Turner from the film Submarine and is released by Domino Records. Submarine, the debut film from Richard Ayoade, was based on the novel by Joe Dunthorne.  Original songs were written and performed by Turner, with additional instrumentation by James Ford. In his first effort as a solo artist, Turner changed his habitual rock style and delivers five different acoustic songs. The song "Piledriver Waltz" was later re-recorded by Turner's band for their fourth album Suck It And See. 

EP 10" pressing on gatefold 180-gram vinyl.

Ethereal, engaging and dreamy, these songs bounce with an understated happiness. Reflections on the bliss and sadness of love, both of them transcendent in their own way, get captured in these well-crafted, yet not self-conscious, tunes. If you liked the song Oliver puts on his record player you will also enjoy the rest of the soundtrack. Just as the film gives us the sublimity of the uncertain, especially in romance, these songs also touch the very human soft spot we have for love's promise.

By: Marion B

  • A1 Stuck On The Puzzle (Intro)
  • A2 Hiding Tonight
  • A3 Glass In The Park
  • B1 It's Hard To Get Around The Wind
  • B2 Stuck On The Puzzle 
  • B3 Piledriver Waltz

Catalogue Number: RUG398T

Record Label: Domino Records

Produced by: James Ford 

Recorded at: One Inch & Air, London

Additional Musicians: James Ford, Bill Ryder-Jones