Alabama Shakes - Sound & Colour (Vinyl)

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Sound & Color is the second studio album by American rock band Alabama Shakes. It was released on April 17, 2015 via Rough Trade Records. 

Alabama Shakes began recording their second album in late 2013. The group listened to anything and everything for influence, without regard for its public reception in the end. They spent over a year in the studio, with no clear end-goal, as they had not written any new songs due to their exhaustive touring schedule. Sound & Color is steeped in several different genres, touching on shoegaze to bands such as MC5, David Bowie & The War on Drugs as the band builds on the soulful blues-rock base and map a surprising, innovative new direction.

LP pressing on 2xLP gatefold 180-gram vinyl. 

This is one of those albums you dont expect, and arent quite sure what to make of it, and yet once you listen to it a couple times, it becomes one of those albums you will continue listening to for the rest of your life. It's really that great. The singer is truly a poet of the soul, and she also happens to be quite the talented guitarist as well. The rest of the band is equally talented. This is the funky, rocky, soulful, psychedelic album that I'd say a lot of people have been wanting for a long time. Really fills a void in what is todays music.

One note however. After you listen to this album, watch some of their videos (and resist the temptation to do so beforehand). Then, reconcile what you are hearing with what you are seeing. For me, it just upped the amazement I had for this band, as they look nothing like I pictured they would when I first heard them....and that is a super cool thing IMO.

By: Peter Faden.

  • A1 Sound & Color
  • A2 Don't Wanna Fight
  • A3 Dunes
  • A4 Future People
  • B1 Gimme All Your Love
  • B2 This Feeling
  • B3 Guess Who
  • B4 The Greatest
  • B5 Shoegaze
  • C1 Miss You
  • C2 Gemini
  • C3 Over My Head
  • Side D - Etched

Catalogue Number: RTRADLP750

Record Label: Rough Trade

Produced by: Blake Mills & Alabama Shakes