Khruangbin - Hasta El Cielo (Vinyl LP + 7")

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Globetrotting Texan trio Khruangbin are set to release ‘Hasta El Cielo’, the band’s glorious dub version of their second album ‘Con Todo El Mundo’. The full album has been processed anew along with two bonus dubs by renowned Jamaican producer Scientist. The band’s exotic, spacious, psychedelic funk aligns with the dub treatment particularly well. Indeed, keen fans won’t find this a surprising release. Dubs of tracks from their first album ‘The Universe Smiles Upon You’ appeared on limited vinyl releases of ‘People Everywhere’ for Record Store Day 2016 and ‘Zionsville’ on the BoogieFuturo remix 12”. The especially eagle-eared will have caught a dub of ‘Two Fish And An Elephant’ playing over the credits of the track’s celebrated video. “For us, Dub has always felt like a prayer. Spacious, meditative, able to transport the listener to another realm. The first dub albums we listened to were records mixed by Scientist featuring the music of the Roots Radics. Laura Lee learned to play bass by listening to Scientist Wins the World Cup. His unique mixing style, with the emphasis on space and texture, creates the feeling of frozen time; it was hugely influential to us as a band. To be able to work alongside Scientist, a legend in the history of dub, is an honor. This is our dub version of Con Todo El Mundo.” - Khruangbin

Comes with free 7" record remixed by Scientist.

Very underrated on here, although I can understand feeling that it's too unassuming compared to their proper albums. My one big issue is that the two Scientist dubs are so good that the rest of the project pales in comparison; you leave wishing he had just dubbed the whole thing. But dub is a major component of the band's sound, so this feels like a natural thing for them to try.

However, he best thing they did in 2019 was the LOCK'N set with Trey Anastasio sitting in. That is something all fans should make a point to seek out immediately, they really open up their sound to new places previously unexplored on their studio work.

 Reviewed By: Patrique

A1 With All The World
A2 Sisters & Brothers
A3 Mary Always
A4 Four Of Five
A5 How I Love
B1 Sunny's Vision
B2 A La Sala
B3 The Red Book
B4 Order Of Operations
B5 Hasta El Cielo
C Rules (Scientist Dub Mix)
D Como Te Quiero (Scientist Dub Mix)

Record Label:  Night Time Stories