Big Audio Dynamite II - On The Road Live '92 EP (Vinyl)

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On The Road Live '92 is a live extended play 12" by Big Audio Dynamite II released in the US only in 1992. This version is a RSD2018 version. Mick Jones (The Clash) post-punk ensemble on tour in America, NYC and Chicago.

The band (later known as Big Audio Dynamite II and Big Audio, and often abbreviated BAD) are an English band formed in London in 1984 by Mick Jones,  the former guitarist and singer of the Clash. The band mixed various musical styles, incorporating elements of punk rock, dance music, hip hop, reggae and funk. 

LP repressing on 1xLP 180-gram vinyl. 

*RSD2018 Exclusive*


By: -

A1 Kool-Aid
A2 Can't Wait
A3 Contact
B1 Innocent Child
B2 Rush

Catalogue Number: 19075813181

Record Label: Sony Music

Format: Limited Edition / RSD2018 Exclusive / Limited to 3000 copies